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The giant stride for a newbie blogger!

I will always remember my very first giant stride. I wasn’t nervous about stepping into the deep blue, nor was I nervous about what lurked underneath. What caused my anxiety was impressing my peers around me. At the time, I was an open water, never having done a giant stride and found myself on a boat full of dive masters and instructors. Competent as I was these guys were professionals, and I was about to put my knowledge and skills to the test, I was nervous to say the least. I fumbled my gear on, clutzed my way to the back of the boat like a penguin, trying my hardest to look like I knew what I was doing. I’m not going to lie, I don’t think it was the most graceful giant stride. However, the most important lesson I learnt from that dive, wasn’t what I looked like or how well I performed the skill, it was that I pulled up my wet boots and did it 😊

Why is this even relevant? Well due to the impact social media has on everything we do in our lives and the decisions we make for the future, I have decided to get on the blogging bandwagon and start my very own blog! And I feel the same way to this as when I did my very first giant stride.

Now I pre-warn you that my grammar isn't the greatest, my amateur writing skills are just that and I do like to ramble. However, every skill starts somewhere and this is my somewhere.

Why am I Blogging?

Well.... for starters, I have an awesome job as a Scuba Diving Instructor that allows me to travel to ridiculously breath taking corners of the world and meet the amazing people that enhance them and from this I have some pretty awe-inspiring stories to tell.

Why should you take the time to read my blog?!?

My aim for these blogs is to share the good and bad (but mostly good!!) experiences I have had within the industry of diving and travelling. And here comes the big cheese, if my blogs can help at least one person who is unsure of their next steps with either their dive career or travelling plans, then the arduous work of writing even this first blog will be worth it.

So there you have it, my very first blog, hopefully more graceful than my giant stride 😉

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